The finest oceanfront and bayfront locations in Coronado and on San Diego's Sunset Cliffs

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We make it our mission to provide the best customer service, and treat folks to a

"Great San Diego Experience"

in all 3 of our rentals.


We have been in the Vacation, Corporate, and Long Term rental business for almost 10 years in San Diego, and another 10 years before that in the New York area.

My wife Solveig, and I specialize in personal service. We field every email, every call, and guide guests with the process of booking a reservation. It gives us great pride in helping folks enjoy their stay in America's Finest City!


We have two kids, both are grown and have careers of their own.

Our son Peter is a mental health counselor. He is helping make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from mental illness, depression, and schizophrenia. He is the healer in the family.


Our daughter Sarah is a triathlete, and competes in Iron Man competitions all over the world.
Sarah is also a motivational speaker, you can learn all about her at
My wife Solveig acts as public relations manager for Sarah.


I've practiced meditation, and yoga for almost 40 years, so I guess I'm also in the healing community. I enjoy Indian sweat lodges, and am involved in mentoring young people who might be interested in inner growth.

I'm currently serving people in other ways. As chief consultant for television stations in Mexico, and Central America, I help shape the new look and design of journalism in those countries.

I enjoy sharing my 40 years experience in TV and Radio with others.

Explore the finest vacation rentals in San Diego, California

Sunset Cliffs

Our oceanfront condo has eye popping views at the edge of the continent overlooking the Pacific ocean on Sunset Cliffs


Another vacation, and corporate rental is located on the Bay in Coronado facing the dramatic San Diego Skyline

Point Loma

Our Poolside Guest House in Point Loma is just minutes from downtown, the beaches, and all that San Diego has to offer